NanoBeam is proud to announce our latest product, the NanoBeam nB5. Building on the success of its state-of-the-art predecessor, the nB4, the product has been updated to use the latest technology and boasts an improved design for an annual production target of 15 systems. The nB4 has demonstrated itself in the field with excellent performance and stability. The nB5 offers greater performance and reduced requirement for regular services.


NanoBeam, founded in 2002, has developed breakthrough technology to produce high performance and cost effective electron beam lithography tools. Our innovative designs significantly reduce product cost and therefore the ownership cost without compromising on accuracy or automation.

Small machine size, excellent resistance to stray field, advanced vibration tracking, and low power dissipation result in low cleanroom requirements.

Outstanding mechanical rigidity and fast stage and beam deflection settling result in higher throughput in mix-and-match and direct write. The modern architecture requires fewer mechanical and electronic system components, which simplifies service and makes our products very reliable.